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The sound halsey like you i

25 Singers Similar to Halsey. September 4, Halsey is the stage name of American singer-songwriter Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. Active since , Halsey I t’s only 17 seconds long, and sounds a bit like 80s-era Genesis playing at the bottom of a swimming pool. But this snippet of bouncy yet sonically degraded pop

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Norwegian producer Lido, who has worked on both of Halsey's previous albums, contributes to this song. Halsey told Apple Music they built the fading instrumental at the end "to sound like a sonogram, like you But I'll call you when you're bored or you're playing with yourself {Pre-Chorus} You're so conceited, I said "I don't love you" What does it matter if I lie to you? I don't regret it, but I'm glad that we're through So don't you tell me that you just don't get it Cause I know you do {Chorus} Know when you're around Cause I know the

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36M views 8 years ago. 4 years ago. Haunting. 5 years ago. Halsey - Castle. 7 years ago. Listen to the newest album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” out now If you have a strong accent in Kentucky or London, you’ll have to work harder to sound like Halsey. Adele, in my opinion, would be much more difficult. If you want to study for a specific performance, you’ll need to concentrate on that particular song. There are some voices that will not sound like others, and Holdmedownlily. • 8 yr. ago. I have additional evidence this is about Halsey; the line "I thought that you were straight, now I'm wondering" is very much about her because 1. The sound of this song is a bit nostalgic for 90's kid like me. But also, so fresh🌿 at the same time. I haven't heard songs like in such a long time, that has given me this type of "feeling". Thank you Halsey.💙. TZ Comment by mosounds. this sounds like missing a life i never lived. TZ Comment by Porsha Crystal (Halsey) rebels against her dad in this performance of The Strut's glamrock classic 'Could Have Been Me'. What is Sing 2 () about? The eve

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