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We tell you more about the possible causes and symptoms that your rabbit can present with a drooping ear. Reasons why a rabbit has a droopy ear The fact that rabbits have a drooping ear may be due to an incorrect manoeuvre or treatment by their owners, or to a blow that the animal has been [HOST]g: wife Pet Advice. English Lop. Facts & Advice. Get a quote. A breed who’s known for its large size, droopy ears and docile personality. Known as the King of the Fancy, the English Missing: wife Q7: why should i spay a female rabbit? A7: Having female rabbits (does) spayed is even more important. Most females become territorial and aggressive from sexual maturity Missing: wife

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A Lop Rabbit or lop-eared rabbits are rabbits with ears that droops. Their large floppy ears make them easily recognizable. The scientific name for this rabbit is Oryctolagus Cuniculus. A Lop’s head resembles that of a Missing: wife This breed’s floppy ears droop and hang straight down on either cheek, giving it a downcast and endearing aspect. Despite being originally bred for meat, this breed has more Missing: wife GENETICS – Droopy Ears Rabbitry. Annelize found gaining knowledge about and using rabbit genetics fascinating. The more she learned, the more she wanted to know. Therefore, in February , she finally documented her knowledge. What follows is her labour of love on rabbit colour genetics. We hope you enjoy reading it! Lop-eared rabbits are easily recognizable due to their large, floppy ears. The American Rabbit Breeders Association accepts five varieties, and new lop-eared rabbit breeds are constantly being bred. Lop-eared rabbits are very popular with house rabbit owners, but sometimes their characteristic ears also need a Missing: wife Updated on September 18, by Dr. Chyrle Bonk. Introduction: Why Rabbit Ears Droop. Rabbits are known for their adorable floppy ears, but when those ears droop, it could indicate something is wrong. Rabbit ears help them regulate their body temperature, Missing: wife Last updated: Jan 25 One of the cutest things about rabbits is their ears. When they have floppy, soft ears that hang over their face, it gives them an even more adorable appearance. When it comes to long-eared rabbits, there are many different breeds out there to choose [HOST]g: wife

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The Fawn Lop, The ‘King of Fancy’ Rabbit, The lazy ‘Dog of the Rabbit World’. or The Lopsy Bunny. The English Lop Rabbit is an adorable, large-sized rabbit breed with huge floppy ears from England, United [HOST]g: wife Hanlie in DUNCRAIG for KITS, BOARDING and FOOD SUPPLIES on email [HOST]@[HOST] or mobile CREDITS Our website’s background pictures feature photos of MILO, taken by his owner, one of our happy [HOST]g: wife This breed’s floppy ears droop and hang straight down on either cheek, giving it a downcast and endearing aspect. Despite being originally bred for meat, this breed has more recently been kept as a pet. 3. Holland Lop. holland lop | image by: Jorgeie Average Lifespan: years. Average Weight: [HOST]g: wife Lop rabbit. Lop rabbit or lop-eared rabbit refers to any rabbit with ears that droop, as opposed to being carried erect. A number of rabbit breeds (listed below) are characterized by such lop ears. Abnormalities in the skull of a half-lop rabbit were studied by Charles Darwin in Missing: wife Annelize and her family enjoyed their hobby for 16 years, but in late , they decided to stop breeding and only focus on boarding and associated rabbit services. This decision

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