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How to reconnect with your partner today

Start a gratitude journal. Take time at the end of each day or each week with your spouse to jot down one or two things you’re grateful for—for your marriage, your family, or your life in general. At the end of the year, you’ll be able to look back and see all the things you’ve been blessed with and by. 21 2. Treat your partner with kindness. Simple as it sounds, kindness is really the key to staying in love. Research has shown that taking more loving actions actually makes you feel more in love. In It is valuable to put into perspective the impact of a breakup on sense of self, feelings of loss, and fear of having made a mistake. “Never go back to your ex. It’s like reading the same book Today, if you are like me, you and your partner are mere versions of your younger selves, focused now on things like: Raising your children Here are 9 ways to reconnect with your partner and put the focus back on your relationship without compromising your other responsibilities: 1. Date your partner

How to reconnect with your partner after an argument

1. Your relationship comes first—always, always. This should be a given from the day you decide to commit to each other. Your relationship is your priority. As Spending time together every day. Start by taking 15 minutes out of your day — every day — to intentionally connect with each other and ask each other how your day went. Then really listen. You will probably need to set boundaries with the kids so they understand “Mom and Dad Time.”

How to Reconnect With Your Spouse: 20 Quick + Powerful Ways

4) Show appreciation and gratitude. Sometimes we really take our spouses for granted for the things they do. Enough is enough. Start showing small signs of appreciation for everything. You can use little post-it notes, helping with the chores, or simply saying. “Thank you” when he/she does something for you Keep your questions light, action-oriented, and easy to answer. The goal is to be helpful not annoying, so be careful not to over do it and bury them in questions, or else they may feel smothered. Also, remember they’ve been resistant to talking about your relationship, so avoid heavy, emotional questions for now. Show gratitude for them each

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